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TONY ROBBINS /// "Why We Do What We Do"

How Tony Robbins Supports VisualTargeting®

According to Tony Robbins, "decision is the ultimate power" and some of people's strongest motivators are "empowering emotions." We are more emotionally charged with a positive feeling when we are exposed to visual designs, products, and environments which match our innate basic Visual Tastes. We feel more passionate and willing, to act on the message that such a design might be surrounding. This is exactly what VisualTargeting® technology is prone to do. It unveils individual's and markets' basic visual preferences, which are directly related to the emotions of desire, attraction, care, pride, joy, happiness and motivation. VisualTargeting® research motivates people to action by creating designs that bring "empowering emotions" which inspire decisions more powerfully than any other technology in the world today.

About The Speaker

TED.com* About Tony Robbins, Life Coach And Expert In Leadership Psychology. "Tony Robbins makes it his business to know why we do the things we do. The pioneering life coach has spoken to millions of people through his best selling books and three day seminars.

Tony Robbins might have one of the world's most famous smiles. His beaming confidence has helped sell his best selling line of self help books, and fill even his 10,000 seat seminars. What's less known about the iconic motivational speaker is the range and stature of his personal clients. From CEOs to heads of state to Olympic athletes, a wide swath of high performing professionals, who are already plenty motivated, thank you very much, look to him for help reaching their full potential.

Robbins' expertise in leadership psychology is what brought him to TED, where his spontaneous on stage interaction with Al Gore created an unforgettable TED moment. It also perfectly demonstrated Robbins' direct even confrontational, approach, which calls on his listeners to look within themselves, and find the inner blocks that prevent them from finding fulfillment and success. Some of his techniques like firewalking, for example are magnets for criticism, but his underlying message is unassailable. We all have the ability to make a positive impact on the world, and it's up to us to overcome our fears and reach that potential.

Robbins has won many accolades for his work including his memorable performance in the Jack Black comedy Shallow Hal, a small vital role. His Anthony Robbins Foundation works with the homeless, elderly and inner city youth, and feeds more than 2 million people annually through its International Basket Brigade.


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