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The illustration above shows one practical use for applying VisualTargeting® results to Packaging Style. In this example, if a company were to market the exact same mouthwash in different United States markets, modifying the bottle colors and shapes to regional Visual Tastes maximizes Product Sales and Customer Satisfaction in each targeted region.

The Visual Sample Above Presents A National (USA) Research Study

In March 2009, a specialized expert team of research scientists concluded a nationwide research study that utilized VisualTargeting® technologies. The study wanted to determine whether there are clear differences in consumer visual preferences between the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and NorthWest American Markets. If there were trends, the study wanted to further determine whether those visual preferences influenced the Target Markets' Consumer Choice Behaviors.

The researchers found that a statistically clear pattern of Visual Preference differences emerged between the regions around the nation, and furthermore that those preferences directly predicted the Markets' Consumer Choices when it came to choosing competing Brand Designs.

All content was kept identical in competing designs for the same products, and all that differed was the degree to which the brand designs matched the Visual Preferences of their respective Target Markets. It is therefore clear that people embrace what they want to see.

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