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AL GORE /// "Averting the Climate Crisis"

How Al Gore Supports VisualTargeting®

Al Gore, today's "climate change prophet," is focusing in his speech on what we all should do about the climate crisis. He calls to live a "carbon neutral" life, to have a "carbon neutral" business, to integrate climate solutions into all innovations, whether they are from Technology, or Entertainment, or a Visual Arts and Architecture community, to invest sustainably in companies that are part of the solution. "These are investments that pay for themselves." Gore addresses those "who are good in branding: I'd love to get your advise and help on how to say this in a way that connects with the most people."

VisualTargeting® is a clean technology. It is most efficient in terms of time, energy and cost. Providing comprehensive information prior to a starting point of visual improvement, it eliminates the waste of unneeded expensive proofs which will be not chosen by the customers. More than that, it allows not to produce designs and products which are aside of target so that the market is not overloaded by undesired things. The companies will not produce them until they know precisely and reliably what image of the product will be the most engaging and therefore consumed. Furthermore, by allowing major corporations to eliminate wasteful production, VisualTargeting® helps to reduce even carbon emissions in the short and long terms. Thus, VisualTargeting® is a clean technology in itself, relying solely on the internet for its operations, and its impact on the entire world is both a Saving and a Healing one.

Applying VisualTargeting® technology to "green" products is of enormous importance as it opens new way to engage the consumers most quickly and efficiently as the "road from the eye to the heart does not go through the intellect" according to Gilbert Keith Chesterton. Customers need to be quickly helped to like "green" products designs to quickly want to consume these products to quickly slow down global warming. Purchasers have to want and to enjoy buying and using the hybrid trucks and alternative vehicles, Greenguard furniture and Energy Star appliances. The quickest way to accomplish this is to make "green products" visually appealing, e.g. matching markets' visual tastes, and therefore making them "most wanted" amongst their competing products. VisualTargeting® is unique and different from all other approaches. It stretches and exceeds the limits of what is possible today in marketing design. Being applied to green technologies it gives huge and unprecedented advantages in manufacturing, advertising, distribution and selling.

Al Gore concludes with "Let's rebrand Global Warming," the purpose for which VisualTargeting® launched the International GreenStyle Awards.

About The Speaker

TED.com* About Al Gore, Climate change prophet. "Once the US Vice President, then star of An Inconvenient Truth, now Nobel Peace Prize winner, Al Gore found a way to focus the world's attention on climate change. In doing so, he has invented a new medium, the Keynote movie, and reinvented himself.

Unlike some in public office, Al Gore always intended to get something done, and since leaving Washington, DC, following the tumultuous 2000 election , he's still at it. In fact, his campaign for alerting the world to the dangers of climate change has only gained momentum. His Oscar winning An Inconvenient Truth is the third most successful documentary ever released at the box office. Gore's famed PowerPoint presentation has drawn in a reluctant public, with its meticulously researched content and lucid style.

Meanwhile, Gore himself has found his footing as a communicator. The once "wooden" style has given way to a warmth and humor that reveal the depth of his experience as a soldier, congressman, senator, veep, TV executive, teacher and author. Arguably, Gore is better positioned today than he has ever been to affect the future of our environment and world.

Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007, along with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, "for their efforts to build up greater knowledge about man made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed" to save the world.


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