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Visual Targeting values the importance of being a global leader in visual marketing. In this regard, we are responding to a worldwide demand for our innovation from such companies as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Time Warner, New York Times, IBM, HBO, General Mills, J.D. Power & Associates, Charles Schwab, Uni-Lever, Nielson, Ford, the Advertising Research Foundation, MySpace, DISH, YouTube, and many others.*

In the belief that the best companies can be built only on ethical corporate behavior, we will strive to adhere to the highest international standards of honesty and ethical dealing. In a world too often marred by fraud and other white-collar crime, we commit ourselves to honesty and transparency in all our practices and to working with clients and partners who are similarly committed.

If all the best-looking, most attractive, most in-demand, and "coolest" products were also the most energy-efficient and environmentally helpful options on the market, the world would be a better place. In addition, Visual Targeting is itself a non-polluting clean technology, and its developers are committed that it be used toward creating a more sustainable world and work toward that end.

*Advertising Research Foundation, Audience Measurement 3.0 Symposium, 2008, New York City

Visual Targeting® is the New Industry Standard in Design, Trusted by Fortune 500s, Business Celebrities + Marketing Bestsellers, in 182 countries.

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