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VisualTargeting® values the importance of being a global leader in visual marketing. In this regard, we are responding to a worldwide demand for our innovation from such companies as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Time Warner, New York Times, IBM, HBO, General Mills, J.D. Power & Associates, Charles Schwab, Uni-Lever, Nielson, Ford, the Advertising Research Foundation, MySpace, DISH, YouTube, and many others.

In the belief that the best companies can be built only on ethical corporate behavior, we will strive to adhere to the highest international standards of honesty and ethical dealing. In a world too often marred by fraud and other white-collar crime, we commit ourselves to honesty and transparency in all our practices and to working with clients and partners who are similarly committed.

If all the best-looking, most attractive, most in-demand, and "coolest" products were also the most energy-efficient and environmentally helpful options on the market, the world would be a better place. In addition, VisualTargeting® is itself a non-polluting clean technology, and its developers are committed that it be used toward creating a more sustainable world and work toward that end.

Advertising Research Foundation, Audience Measurement 3.0 Symposium, 2008, New York City

Visual Targeting® is the New Industry Standard in Design, Trusted by Fortune 500s, Business Celebrities + Marketing Bestsellers, in 182 countries.

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